Rural development is a way for enlightening the quality of life and economic well-being of people residing in rural areas. It is unfortunate and seen as a significant hindrance in the growth of the nation that a large part of the population is living an uncertain economic existence. This is partly due to the lack of coordination of employment opportunities in the agricultural sector. The main reason is that the population of rural areas has increased. In rural areas, individuals are mainly involved in the agricultural sector and farming practices. However, the circumstances of poverty and backwardness overshadow them. Also, the issues of hunger, illiteracy, unemployment, and so on have harmful effects on the lives of individuals. It is, therefore, important, in order to lead to change, to devise policies that would alleviate these issues and improve their living conditions. Attention has been paid to rural development, and rural development has gained growing support from governments around the world. In terms of methods of production, social organization, and political mobilization, the rural sector is extremely backward and meager.

This book is organized into seven units and takes the reader through the foundations of modern rural analysis. The key aim of this book is to attain an efficient consideration of the factors that simplify the understanding of the concept of rural development. The topics include historical background and concept and connotations of rural development, the system of education and education improvement in rural areas, economic system in rural areas, health care facilities in rural areas, employment opportunities in rural areas, the significance of the agriculture sector in rural areas, and sustainable farming and rural community development, marketing strategies in rural areas, rural industrialization, problems and challenges in rural areas, skills development among rural individuals, and rural development approaches and strategies. This book is intended for students dealing with the course of Rural Development, Agricultural Policy and Planning and Rural Management.


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