Proper and decent education is quite important to all of us. It facilitates the quality of life-long learning among people of any age group, cast, belief, religion, or region. It is a continuum of awareness, principles, skills, beliefs, and spiritual behaviors. Education is a weapon for improving one’s life. It is probably the most important tool to improve one’s life. Learning for a child starts at home. Without education, new ideas will not be explored. This means that one will not be able to develop the world because without thoughts, there is no innovation, and without imagination, there is no growth in the country. Students of all ages must gain an understanding of sensitive social issues, including that of the impact of socio-cultural factors such as class, race, and gender. Social studies offer students the opportunity to investigate and ask questions, relate things that they read about in books and see in movies to a real-world sense. Students also have the opportunity to learn about the multicultural world in which we live, as well as the interdependence and relationship between cultures, countries, and people.

Society is made up of citizens who live within the same borders and share a common community. Nevertheless, through globalization, a culture can be defined as a system that includes people of different languages, religions, and ethnicities. The goal of communities is to evolve constantly to meet the needs of society as a whole, to live in better conditions, to live in harmony with people of different characteristics, and to be educated. In this way, professional people will contribute to the creation of a successful community. It could be argued that professional people are those who are responsive to social problems, are constantly evolving, have high-level thinking skills, follow regional and common ideals, and can adapt to the age of information and communication.

The book presents harmony in social education with instructions, organizing tools, and examples of transdisciplinary learning. The book focuses on how people’s lives are influenced by the climate, how they affect the environment, how organizations have been set up in the past, how people have encountered problems in the past, and how they do today.

Educational sociology is a new field of sociology. It studies the relationship between education and society and addresses the issue of the relationship between education and society. Educational sociology means education from a sociological point of view. Educational sociology is the topic of the co-relationship between education and sociology. Educational sociology is said to be a study of the concepts of sociology applied to the theory and practice of education. It is a new science that applies sociological concepts to the whole field of schooling. Educational sociology uses a complete educational experience that allows the child to grow his or her personality so that he or she becomes a better social being.


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