Human Resources Management practice is rooted in the field of organizational psychology and has proven to be an important methodology for running organizations. The function of this principle has become strategic over time. Today, human resource experts are key elements in the success of any company. Our positions require a new level of sophistication that is unique in human resource management, not surprisingly, our importance in the company has also been elevated as when the name has changed. Companies today acknowledge the importance of people in achieving their objectives. HRM is one of the key factors that are vital to business success. Without it, there can be no clear vision, and the chance will be lost. Without it, the money will be lost, and the full potential of the workforce will remain untapped. Acquiring the right talent is the key to building a business leadership pool.

Nonetheless, successful recruiting and selection processes require clarification as to the type of talent required. HRM encourages people employed in an organization to work according to their abilities and to provide them with ideas that can help them improve the situation. The manager meets with the workers individually from time to time and offers all relevant information on their performance and also describes their respective roles. This is advantageous as it allows them to describe their planned goals in much clearer terms and thus encourages them to accomplish the objectives with the best possible effort. Quality reviews, when carried out regularly, inspire workers.

In order to understand the critical importance of individuals in the organization, it is important to recognize that the human element and the organization are synonymous. Well-managed enterprises typically see the average worker as the main cause of efficiency and productivity gains. These companies are not concerned with capital investment, but with workers, as a fundamental source of change. Nowadays, the position of human resource management departments has become indispensable for modern businesses in the 21st century.

This book focuses in particular on the role of human resource management practices in the 21st century. The purpose of this book is to emphasize the importance of human resource managers, HR practices, and their factors of influence. Besides, this book also discusses the future challenges facing HR executives in the 21st century. Without good human resources, a company cannot build a good team of working professionals. The book also includes key functions of the Human Resources Management (HRM) department such as recruiting, training, performance evaluation, employee morale as well as organizational communication, safety at work, and much more.


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