Management has always been a key aspect of every enterprise. However, unlike in the past, running the enterprise has become a more difficult task due to increasing competition in both the internal and external business environments. Good management can add revenues and prestige to the company, while poor management can throw the company out of the competition. Management is an essential factor for the proper functioning and performance of all social, political, religious, charitable, or business behavioral organizations. It organizes and uses human and non-human capital effectively and efficiently, and channels them towards the achievement of organizational objectives. In the unavailability of management, no organization can run efficiently. Management meets the corporate objectives by correctly preparing the company. The success of any business organization depends on the extent of its effective and efficient achievement of the specified goal or objectives by the best use of its human and physical resources and facilities.

This book is organized into eight units. Students are exposed to the basic framework for understanding the role and functions of management and provide an overview of the principles, concepts, and strategies that can be used in the execution of these functions. Topics include in this book are planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and coordination, and controlling, as well as decision-making and managing change. Under today’s business environments of constant change and volatile external conditions, effective management of the enterprise is critical to achieving corporate success. The book presents the ideas, principles, and management systems and how they contribute to effective management strategies in modern organizations. Students are introduced to the rich framework and approach of the theory and practice of management and discuss the four critical dimensions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling within an organization.


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