The global business includes all commercial activities that facilitate the movement of products, services, assets, people, ideas, and innovations across national borders. International business has brought about a series of changes throughout the economic sectors of almost every nation in the world. The rise in foreign investment and trade is one of the primary reasons for global business.

This phenomenon has pushed policymakers, executives, and businessmen to re-focus their strategies and look for new prospects in international markets. Today, every nation and a growing number of companies are buying and selling products and services in global markets. Over the last decade, we have seen dramatic changes and innovations in the world that give new dimensions to economic development in the political and business arena. Both countries require goods and services to serve their citizens. Producing goods and services requires resources. Each nation has limited resources; therefore, a country cannot produce all the goods and services it wants. Essential products that cannot be manufactured or which are inadequate, as essential, must be supplied from other countries. The increasing internationalization has led to an increase in international investment and trade.

The key aim of this book is to introduce students to key aspects of international business. The book explores global economies and markets, such as tariffs, multinational companies, and foreign trade practices. It will also shed light on the opportunities and threats posed by the complex environment of international business. In this book, students will examine foreign business environments, cultural trends, economic changes, and financial, cultural, and political effects on foreign businesses. It also focuses on economic factors in international decision-making, corporate-government relations, asset management, marketing, and development in international business.


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