Behavioral psychology is of great importance to society and business practices as it deals with behavioral science. It refers to the study of sociology and psychology. It is very concerned about the way people behave. In many ways, understanding human behavior and what we learn from behavioral science is very important. Behavioral science provides a practical understanding of human behavior through an observational framework with the potential to change consumer behaviors and user experiences.

This book is extensively prepared for the readers to have a ground understanding of the frameworks, concepts, and tools to understand behavior why we make certain decisions and choices, form habits, and generally behave in the way we do, and ultimately to change behavior. The book starts with an introduction to behavioral communication, which influences individual differences in the expression of feelings, needs, and thoughts as a substitute for more direct and open communication. Specifically, it refers to people’s tendency to express feelings, needs, and thoughts using indirect messages and behavioral impacts. Then it goes to interpersonal communication that builds, maintains, and ends our relationships, and we spend more time engaged in interpersonal communication than the other forms of communication. Now, the book proceeds to the nonverbal behavior that includes facial and eye expressions, hand and arm gestures, postures, positions, use of space between individuals and objects, and various movements of the body, legs, and feet. Since nonverbal behavior is considered distinct from speech, it also includes silence as well as the dropping of elements from speech and/or the missing elements in speech utterances.

The readers, in a further unit, will also know the phenomena of decision making that refer to making choices among alternative courses of action, which may also include inaction. While it can be argued that management is decision making, half of the decisions made by ourselves in our life ultimately fail. This unit will help you understand how to make decisions alone or in a group while avoiding common decision-making pitfalls. In this book, special emphasis on learning and motivation and their role in behavior will be placed. Finally, the book covers stress and coping strategies. When we are faced with a challenge, part of our response is physical.


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