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This book planning and management of natural hazards gives clear detail about the types of disasters and hazards and their effect on human health and also explains the preparedness of disaster management and the effective role of the government. This book gives an eagle eye view on how to take care during the pre and post-disaster period. It also says about the biological impact on the people and how to overcome them and the world health organization’s role during these periods. It also tells how the media helps the people to make them aware of the impending disasters.

This book gives clear information about GPS, GIS and the World Wide Web. This book gives a lot of information about disaster management and the risks and phases involved in it. We all know the hazards and disasters, but do we know the classification or its types? Yes, all those can be found in this book, the classification of disasters. People may not have an idea that the common disasters are also classified. There are people in the world who put their lives on stake for others’ life ….. they are the real saviors of life. So yes, this book is a great handy guide for those who want their career in disaster management.


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