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This book is designed to introduce its readers to important concepts in environmental engineering. Learn the concepts of environmental engineering through a single book. Complete with numerous illustrations, examples, chapter summaries, diagrams, end-of-chapter questions, list of the institutes in the whole world which provide this course and glossary of important terms. This book will help you out to understand the difficult concepts easily. All the concepts you have to learn in this course are provided in this book. This book covers the topics related to the environment, pollution, how to control it, air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, and industrial waste, its effect, source and how mankind destroys the environment, and how they protect them from pollution.

Do you have the curiosity to know – how air and water are got polluted? Why is it so dangerous after getting polluted? How is it cleaned up?

So, this course is for you! Why? Because in this course your questions will be answered. Environmental Engineering is the main branch of engineering that concerned with the human population’s protection, environment protection & improve environmental quality. Environmental Engineering is also the branch of applied science & technology that addresses the problem of preservation of energy, reducing waste from human and animal activities & production assets. Environmental engineers use the principles of engineering, biology, chemistry & soil science to increase solutions to environmental problems.


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