The environment is precarious, paramount and pre-possessing. Its role in our existence is too fundamental to gather in one aspect of our life. Life is beautiful, and its preservation demands the preservation of the environment. In order to look out for the environment, a unified and well-informed front is most beneficial. For every drop to for an ocean, they had to be dropped over the same area. To create that uniformed front, we create standards. To create standards, we need processes and activities beginning from what these standards aim at. This where the course comes in, the world needs environmental degradation in check. For that, it demands certain entities to come through and act upon it. By studying environmental management, employees at these entities can make aims, policies, practices, technicalities own a pivotal role in establishing standards that preserve our environment and, in turn, beautifies our existence by conserving aesthetic biodiversity. Environmental managers are more or fewer heroes.

This book covers all aspects that establish the needs of our environment. Chapters are aimed to provide precise information about various branches of environment, their conditions, how it is being harmed and guiding principles toward solving problems that occur because of environmental degradation. For the readers to slip into the mindset of environmental philosophers who bestowed us with the principles that are a light toward deciding stakeholders and focus of policies, chapter “environmental ethics” is designed. The sometimes good sometimes bad relationship between humans and the environment also includes sometimes catastrophe; therefore, we also covered ways to protect ourselves against ‘just in case’ toward the ending of the book.


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