Global warming is the increase in the average global temperature due to air pollution. Humans contribute to climate change to generate energy that pollutes the Earth’s atmosphere. This pollution traps heat and sunlight in a process called the greenhouse effect, resulting in rising sea levels, rising temperatures and extreme weather events. Global warming is a global issue, and greenhouse gas emissions and anthropogenic activities are known to be the major sources of global warming. Many researchers, engineers and environmentalists convey deep concern regarding changes in the global climate of the planet. Fossil fuels are increasingly being used to generate electricity. The burning of these fuels generates emissions, like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxides, which lead to global warming. Deforestation also contributes to warmer temperatures. The danger of global warming continues to cause significant damage to the Earth’s environment. Many people are still ignorant of global warming and do not find it to be a major problem in the years to come. What most people do not understand is that global warming is taking place at the moment, and we are already experiencing some of its fading effects. It is and will have a serious impact on habitats and threaten the ecological balance. Many strategies need to be found because of the dangerous effects of global warming.

The book is an overview of global warming. It will study the effects and influence of humans on global warming and propose some ways of solving this hot issue. Climate change is a complex, controversial and significant matter. It might be the key environmental issue of the 21st century. The goal of this book is to discuss the full scope of climate change as a matter of concern by putting together research, effects, economics, abatement technologies and policy solutions. We will discuss a number of important issues throughout this book. What is the scientific explanation for our understanding of climate change, and how ambiguous is that scientific basis? What climate change would we expect in the coming centuries? Which effects will climate change have on human well-being and the natural world? What are the sources of greenhouse gas emissions? What technologies exist or could be developed to allow us to slow down climate change, and what international policy solutions could be needed or preferred?


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