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This book is an original work on environmental management and sustainable development. All the information which is given in this book combines the concept of environmental science and environmental management. Sustainability can be stated as the process by which something is kept at a certain level. Today’s society is facing environmental, social and economic problems. So by sustainable methods, actions, strategies process, which avoids the depletion of natural resources to keep an ecological balance for the betterment of life. Environmental management provides research and opinions to conserve natural resources. There are many strategies, resources, policies that are helpful in conservating nature. It contains different managing apparatus for achieving sustainable and environmental development.

The main concept it covers:-
• Concepts of ecological science and Components of environment
• Strategies and methods for protecting and managing the environment
• Concepts of environmental management and various tools, technologies of management
• Detailed theory on sustainability and future goals, three pillars of sustainability
• An extended vision about impact, strategies of sustainability and environmental management
• Concept and objectives of the impact of environmental management


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