This book provides a thorough knowledge of understanding the methodologies implemented since the beginning of civilizations as we introspect into the vast realms of the diverse field of engineering from where we indulge in the historic engineering achievements in the field of mine and geotechnical engineering. We also witness the varied kinds of constructions that were prevalent in ancient civilizations like the Egyptian or the Harappan Civilization.

Embark on this interesting and awestruck journey which will take you with time and reveal to you the ways and techniques implemented by our forefathers and prominent engineers and other significant scientists or geologists who formulated and developed various techniques and marvels of engineering which facilitated the human evolvement and also helped us explore the uncharted territories on the face of Earth.

You will learn about the various aspects, formulations and techniques that are utilized in the field of mine and geotechnical engineering. You will devour the conditions in which these engineers and geologists work and the methods they follow to do essential tasks like oil drilling, acquiring resources and minerals, exploring underwater realms which facilitate connectivity, for instance, gas and network submarine lines and also know about the basics of how construction is done of a building or a structure in this wonderful journey of learning.


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