Photovoltaics and solar energy course is all about the introduction of Photovoltaic applications and its various uses. This book will give us detailed information about the conversion of energy into electricity. As this course become dominant like other because today, solar energy technology is expanding rapidly and the usage of current also been increased. No doubt, the solar photovoltaic sector is the fastest and largest growing energy power supply.

This program will gain knowledge and skills in the field of solar energy and also helps to become successful solar energy professional. It could teach you in every aspect of what is expected from the solar experts. Choosing this career will prepare you for employment in various roles like systems design and engineering, solar system installation, device fabrication and characterization, QA and reliability testing, and project management and consultancy, including technical sales manager etc.

In this, you can have diverse learning activities with exercises and on-time real experience. You will be guided through the content in an inspiring, hands-on, but rigorous manner. It is designed, so knowledge is built gradually. We, therefore, recommend that students follow the courses in the suggested order. However, you may choose to enroll in any course of your choice based on your background knowledge or experience.

Job opportunities include engineering and consultancy roles at renewable energy companies, specialized solar engineering companies, leading consultancy firms, oil and gas companies that are preparing for the transition to renewables, and non-profit organizations.


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