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This book provides thorough knowledge of the several electrical components that are present in a vehicle and also helps in understanding how various systems in an automobile works and what \ electric components are inside it that operate to deliver a wide array of tasks and functions. This book also discusses the history of automobiles where we get to know about the various methods and techniques undertaken by famous inventors and scientists who while applying their ideologies and concepts developed magnificent automobiles which greatly affected or improved the standards of humankind by helping them to travel from one place to another quite easily. You would also learn about the inventors who invented automobiles during the industrial age and would also learn about the methods implemented by them while doing so.

This book discusses the several systems that are incorporated in vehicles like the Anti-lock braking system, electronic brake-force distribution, automatic headlines, rain-sensing wipers and numerous safety features like airbags, traction control system, hill hold control, hill descent control, parking sensors, etc.

While reading this book, you will learn about the various formulations and techniques that are implemented in the mechanism of an automobile, and you would learn about the subjects that need to be studied to acquire sufficient knowledge and understanding to incorporate electrical components in a vehicle. You would also get to know about the institutes that offer full-time degree course studies under this domain should you aspire to become an automobile electrical engineer yourself.


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