Coastal Engineering is a part of civil Engineering that is posed to the construction at or near the coastal zones. It also includes the development of the coast itself. Apart from that, Coastal Engineers were responsible for integrated coastal zone management because of their specification on hydro and morpho-dynamics of the coastal system. The specific challenges of coastal engineers are waves, storm surges, Sea level changes, and tides produced by the environment in the coastal areas.

The study in coastal engineering is coastal geochemistry, coastal zone management, and Infrastructure design and management are the major areas. This is the course that will address the fundamental concepts that cross all disciplines, including professional ethics, sustainability, conflict resolution and negotiation.
This program will involve the part of civil engineering but also the sciences of oceanography, geology. The main aim is to control erosion, place of the construction and also to maintain ports, harbors, and other related works.

This book will give every detail of the subject, including the study of the requirement of wind, temperature and also environment too. Learning every aspect with basic knowledge is very important to perform as a coastal engineer. Another point is laws and policies; here in this book gives a detailed explanation of law according to the area.


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