This book is especially for people like you have who have a learning mindset and have a keen interest in understanding how several remarkable chemicals are developed and how they essentially function in making our lives easier by fulfilling daily tasks of our life. New product developments are a critical function in today’s world to modern organizations as they contribute to a huge portion of our global GDP annually. Chemically processed products are used by us at large in our daily routine most effortlessly, and these products consist of cosmetics, household care, food items such as beverages, petroleum, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other medicines that we take to improve our health conditions and even chemicals that are implemented in electronic components.

This book will offer a wide range of knowledge in the field of chemical products in a way that it facilitates you with all the understanding that one can obtain under this domain of Engineering that addresses important topics such as the history of chemical product engineering, we also learn about the people who developed this domain of Engineering and also we get to know about the chronological order of occurrences of how these products were created and we also learn about the significance in our today’s world to the commercial viability. You would also learn about the positive as well as some negative applications of chemically engineered products such as chemical weapons and would also get to know about the regulations in place for it.


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