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Corporations are aiming to grow their businesses in both the traditional developed countries along with the emerging economies (like China, India, Vietnam, Iran, etc.). A wide range of factors within the emerging markets in particular is having a significant impact on talent management. Emerging markets are countries undergoing rapid economic growth and industrialization. AS developing and transition economies have emerged as significant outward investors, and the growth rate of the number of MNEs from developing countries and transition economies over the past 15 years has exceeded that of MNEs from developed countries. The growing importance of emerging economies has led to an upsurge of strategy research on the topic; however, research on human resource management (HRM) has not kept pace with the research on MNCs from emerging economies. Corporations from emerging markets have become strong competitors and have changed the competitive landscape in the international business field but still need to have more developed managerial practices. The capacity of the firm to attract, retain, and develop human capital is dominant to its ability to generate sustained competitive advantage. Inclusively, attitude towards HRM strategies and practices differs from country to country in emerging market context, while findings on HRM in emerging market firms show that at different levels HRM challenges in all of these countries are heavily influenced by cultural, organizational, institutional, industrial and individual factors. This issue aims to provide a scope for comparative studies which consider how HRM operates in different national contexts, especially in emerging market firms.

Handbook of Human Resource Management in Emerging Markets addresses thematic topics of rapid growth, diversity, complexity and volatility in emerging market environments globally. How human resource policies and practices influence organizational innovation at emerging-market firms is an area of scarce research. Emerging market economies are growing an impressive two to three times faster than their developed counterparts. However there are many unique challenges in not only expanding business in these countries, but also building a high-performing organization that is essential to support this growth. This unique Handbook is envisioned to students, researchers and policymakers involved in international and comparative HRM, employment relations and business.