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This book is designed to introduce its readers to important concepts in project management for the built environment. Learn the concepts of project management through a single book. Complete with case studies, conclusions, chapter summary, end-of-chapter questions, list of the institutes in the whole world which provide this course, and glossary of important terms. This book will help you out to understand the difficult concepts easily. All the concepts you have to learn in this course are provided in this book. This book covers the topics related to the project management, related to the people who are needed in planning of project management, organizational structure, construction project management knowledge model, about the project manager.

Do you have the curiosity to know about project management?

Project Management in the Built Environment is ideal for anyone with ambitions to manage projects within the sector. The course is designed to meet the growing demand for project managers in the industry who can oversee the entire life cycle of any project, including unique and specialist developments.


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