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Processing of poultry requires time effort and equipment. It requires commitment and hard work. We know how excruciatingly difficult it can get. That is why this book is here. It acknowledges the hard work and efforts required in the processing of poultry and meat. And this book has all the secrets to make your work simpler, easier, and efficient.

‘Work smart not just hard’ is the principle we’ve kept in mind while creating this text. You’ll find out why certain techniques work why some don’t, which equipment’s are best and which are worst. From discovering ways to handle live birds to effective waste management, this book encompasses all information required for the smooth functioning of your poultry farm.

Keeping in mind your busy schedules, this book is made concise yet comprehensive. The information is to the point of avoiding unnecessary exaggeration. This book will benefit students of poultry science, poultry farm owners, and everyone interested in the processing of poultry and meat. This book is here to guide you with the most useful, practical and functional knowledge.


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