This book provides a thorough knowledge of understanding the methodologies implemented since the dawn of ages to our modern times for preserving food items. Which was once practiced to improve and enhance sustainability and ensure the survival of the humankind through several races and different times has now developed to become a fully booming industry which produces dried food not only to preserve food for prolonged periods but also to open the boundaries to the untapped dimensions of the food processing industries?

Embark on this informative journey which will take you to the vast histories of time and reveal to you the ways and techniques used by the ancient people such as Egyptians, the Romans and many other civilizations for drying food items and preserving them for longer periods so that they may be used in times of need such as droughts, famines, wars, etc.

You will learn about the various methods and techniques of drying food items ranging from simple techniques such as using the sun’s rays to using commercially made dehydrators. You get to know about their functionalities and mechanisms and how fruit, vegetables, and other edible commodities needs to be treated before dehydrating them and will also understand how you are supposed to store and condition the dried food items for later use.


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