Milk Processing is a highly sophisticated and demanding field. With consistent new developments and advances, a student needs to be aware of these advances and be able to tackle them as and when demanded. This book has been published, keeping the best interests of such students in mind who crave excellence. The book has been written in a comprehensive and easy to interpret manner. This will enable the students to grasp concepts quickly and be able to memorize them for long periods of time.

With the aid of this book, the students will be able to apply the concepts of milk processing and gain success in their studies. The book has been written in a very practical oriented manner to enable the students to apply the concepts of bioinformatics accurately and not just rot learn the topics. Everything has been written in a very clear and concise manner. The writer has done his best to present the information as simply and as clearly as possible.

The book has been divided into eight chapters for making the topics clear and distinct. The text in the book has been supplemented by final images wherever necessary to aid the students’ understanding of the topic. The writer sincerely hopes and prays that the sincere hard work that has been put into writing the book has not gone in vain and that the book can significantly help the students in achieving success.


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