The food and beverage service department is an important part of every hotel. The Food and Beverage Department (F&B) is responsible for providing high-quality food and service, costing food, running restaurants, bars, etc. This division plays a crucial role in delivering reliable food and beverage service by placing orders from hot or cold kitchen plates to the customer’s table safely and pleasantly. The result of any food and beverage operation is not just food and drinks itself. Every member of the staff who comes into contact with the customer is also a part of the product. Food & Beverage service is a crucial connection between the customers and the menu, beverages and other services offered at the establishment. No matter how good the quality of food, beverage, decoration and equipment, poorly trained, scrupulous and unhelpful workers will ruin the future satisfaction of the client with the product. It is also true that well-trained, educated and supportive workers can sometimes make up for things that are missing elsewhere in the project. In any hotel, this department plays a vital role in the profitable business of the hotel business. Of the total revenues earned at the hotel, roughly 40% of the contribution is directly attributed to the F&B Service Department. This department specializes in the manufacture of goods that meet customers ‘ food and beverage demand. The delivery of food and beverage away from home is a significant part of the operations of the hotel and catering industry. People need lodging with food and beverage if they are away for more than a day and only food and beverage if they are away for a short time. The Food & Beverage Industry has developed into a huge industry. The number and dining out establishments have increased exponentially as manufacturers are continually trying to meet the rising demands and tastes of the industry. In this first class, we will hear about the launch of the food and beverage industry.

Food and Beverage Services as an industry includes ambitious customers to plan, deliver and distribute food and drinks for their clients. In the Food and Beverage Service industry, ambitious people will work in restaurants, hotels, food stalls and the like. Also, the Food and Beverage Industry involves companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of food materials. Students will learn about the fundamentals of restaurant cooking and baking, food safety and nutrition. Students can also acquire some experience in business administration, such as accounting, cost control, human resources, etc. This book helps students to improve their expertise in food service and customer care for a range of similar front-of-house positions. Explore topics such as food service, food safety, payment processing, booking, serving hot and cold drinks, bar service and menu design.


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