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The idea of creating new drugs is now moving from serendipity to rational design.Drug discovery and development process is intended to make available medicines that are safe and effective in cultivating the length and quality of life and relieving pain and suffering. However, the process is very complex, time consuming, and resource intensive, needing multi-disciplinary expertise and innovative approaches. The area of pharmaceutical chemistry is varied and contains many areas of expertise. Natural-product and analytical chemists separate and recognize active components from plant and other natural sources. Theoretical chemists create molecular models of existing drugs to evaluate their properties. These computational studies assist medicinal chemists and bioengineers design and synthesize compounds with enhanced biological activity. Emerging trends in medicinal chemistry efforts are moving towards the more targeted approach and this is being revolutionized and enhanced by genomics and proteomics. Target identification and validation are the first key stages in this process.

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry is devoted to scientific and technical research on the developments of new drugs and the advances of manufacturing technology of drugs and intermediates. The worldwide contributions by eminent researchers and authors cover the comprehensive coverage of new drug research, methods of synthesis; complexing and cheiating agents, results of pharmacological, toxicological, and biochemical studies; investigation of structure; and impurities in pharmaceutical substances with the development of ecologically safe and economically feasible methods of industrial production. It is very important for scientists all over the globe to enhance drug discovery research for better human health.