One of the most important areas of study for the pharmacy specialist is pharmaceutical calculations. The purpose of pharmaceutical calculations is to allow the pharmacist to prepare pharmaceutical dosage forms for their patients accurately. There exists a need for every pharmacist to be competent in these calculations for patient’s care and safety, but if he cannot perform a pharmaceutical calculation, that knowledge cannot be applied in a practical way. The ability of healthcare professionals to perform pharmaceutical calculations competently is without question. Research has primarily focused on nurses, and to lesser extent doctors, ability to perform this function with findings highlighting poor aptitude. Studies involving pharmcists are few but are more positive than other healthcare staff. Despite this, there is concern over student’s ability to do calculations too sufficient high standards. Accurately performing pharmaceutical calculations is a crucial skill of pharmacists. The development of pharmaceutical calculation skills in students plays a significant role in building a competent practitioner.

Pharmaceutical Calculations aims to publish most complete and reliable source of information on the discoveries and current developments in the mode of original articles and studies. Pharmaceutical calculations are of utmost importance for the practicing pharmacist to accurately prepare and dispense dosage forms to patients. Understanding proper calculations and techniques in a pharmacy operation serves as an essential part in the delivery of pharmaceutical care.