Physical pharmacy is an interdisciplinary field with characteristics of both physics and chemistry such as thermodynamics, colloidal, emulsion and rheological properties, chemical equilibrium and adsorption properties combined together for development in the field of pharmaceutics. The study of pharmaceutics provides the scientific foundation for the design and appropriate use of dosage forms and drug delivery systems. It prepares students for research in the development and testing of drug products, including investigating interactions of drugs with complex biological systems and the physical and chemical formulation of drugs for delivery.

Physical Pharmaceutics presents a comprehensive coverage on clinical studies on the design and manufacture of new drugs, with a focus on safety and efficacy in humans. Covered topics include pharmacokinetics, toxicokinetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics, and pharmaceutical formulation. It brings most recent research in all identified fields of Clinical Pharmaceutics mainly focusing upon the clinical outcomes in different clinical trial phases and the basic pharmaceutics. It covers the latest advancements in drug discovery, new clinical case studies of pharmaceutics in clinical trials, development of new personalized and improved therapies such as promising Nano based Pharmaceutics.

Providing experimental and theoretical details in the subject, this book will assist practicing students and researchers as well as a good quality collection for librarians.