The book has been thoroughly revised and updated to meet the requirement of the readers fully. Some of the salient features of the book are as follows:

• Short answer type questions at the end of each chapter.
• Tables and diagrams to illustrate the text and help the reader get a better picture of the subject.
• Simple and lucid language.
• Up to date and precise treatment of the subject
• Every topic has been covered in great detail.
• The chapters are set chronologically for the readers.
• Well researched with updated facts and points
• Examples are given wherever it was required so that the readers get well adapted to the concept.

One thing this book will do without fail is that it will provide the readers with business acumen. It will clear the common business concepts and the mistakes every businessman makes. Reading the book thoroughly will help you to get familiar with new concepts and ideas about management and business.

Bend the learning curve in your direction by reading and referencing this business book whenever required. Learning about business and how it works and what are the important factors in business helps you get a clear picture of how a business can run successfully, even after taking risks. So go ahead and read the book, to become the next business tycoon.


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