If you’ve been ‘tearing your hair out’ trying to find the perfect hairstyling book, congrats, it is finally right here in your hands. We completely understand your struggle to find a book that provides you with comprehensive information on hairstyling. That is why we have created this text, which not only includes all the major hairstyles (for men and women!) but also brings you the techniques, products, relevant information, and the risks and hazards which you could encounter anytime in your hairstyling career. (well, they are more than you could think of!) But don’t worry, here’s a complete guide to ensure that you learn the right knowledge, skills, duties, and abilities to be successful in your dream career.

This book is prepared with reasonably simple, to the point, relevant information to make it light and easy for students to understand. The point of this book is to spark a flame of interest in discovering the dimensions of hairstyling. This book equips students with the knowledge and skill to face any challenges that come in their way of being the best in hairstyling.

We hope that with this book, you discover your talents and grow to your fullest potential with the right knowledge to support you. It’s time you pave your path into the world of hairstyling.


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