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Imagine a day without hair clips, rubber bands, or hair gels. Impossible right? That is how much we are dependent on artificial aids to improve the looks of our hair in everyday life an much more so on special occasions. Professional hair stylists can’t afford to ignore the contribution of all the artificial aids that enhance the look of the hairstyle. Be a professional hairstylist or an ordinary individual who cares about his/her hair; each of us needs to know how artificial aids can be used to improve and enhance any hairstyle.

This text helps you do just that. With articulate and comprehensive information behind some of the most common artificial hair aids, this book brings into light the various techniques in which we can incorporate the use of these aids to make complex hairstyles easier and manageable. The book includes gorgeous and ridiculously easy hairstyles that help you grab quite a lot of attention and praise. Hairstylists can use this book as a reference guide for innovating hairstyles using artificial aids that could make their clients look stunning. For students, this book can serve as a bible for all they need to know about artificial aids in hairstyling.

The text is surely a sure shot for anyone aiming to master the art of hairstyling using artificial aids.


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