This book is designed to introduce its readers to important concepts in eyebrow shaping. Learn the concepts of eyebrow shaping through a single book. Complete with chapter summaries, diagrams, end-of-chapter questions, a list of the institutes in the whole world which provide this course, and a glossary of important terms. This book will help you out to understand the practical concepts easily. All the concepts you have to learn in this course are provided in this book. This book covers the topics related to the eyebrows, how they shaped, about men’s and women’s eyebrows, the history of an eyebrow, and why it is important to shape them?

About the course
Do you have the curiosity to know?
How are eyebrows shaped?
How men’s eyebrow is different from women’s eyebrow?
How face shape affects the eyebrow shape?

So, this course is for you! Why? Because in this course your questions will be answered. Eyebrow shaping is the grooming of the eyebrows, typically by plucking, tweezing, or waxing to suit the facial features. The three main techniques used by beauty salons to shape your eyebrows are waxing, threading, and Electrolysis.

How to become an esthetician?

To become an esthetician, you just have an interest in it.

• You can learn this course through universities.
• Online courses are also available.
• There are some training centers also.


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