Ever wondered how grapes are grown? Can it be grown right in your backyard? Why are grapes produced in such a huge quantity? These questions will be answered right here in this book. Grapes are one of the most grown fruits in the world and have been popular for ages. It’s been around 8000 years when humankind started growing grapes, and the science of growing grapes has come a long way since then.

This book has every detail of grape growing and the science behind it to help you understand the basics of viticulture and gradually learn the advanced concepts of grape growing. The chapters include a brief history of viticulture, the management of grapevines, common diseases and pests, and more! The topics in the book will flow in a very systematic manner to make it easier for you to understand every topic that is in this fantastic book.

Go ahead and read this book to find out if you can grow grapes on your own and maybe make very fine wine out of that.