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Whether you are working in an office or out in the field, a career in park and recreation means enhancing the quality of life for all people through advancing environmental conservation efforts, social equity, and health and wellness. Going to a job you love every day is something everyone wants. If you have a passion for being outdoors, helping people, and bettering your community, you may want to consider a career in this field.

One of the first questions you may have is what types of jobs are available. The answer to this question is often complex. There is a range of parks and recreation careers, including program managers, lecturers who educate individuals and groups of people, activities managers, aquatic directors, park services managers, naturalists, scientists, travel guides, and park rangers. The types of jobs that are available depend greatly on the area in which you wish to work. If you prefer the recreation side, you are more likely to find program management and administration jobs, while park jobs typically involve work related to the outdoors, such as fish and game wardens, mountain guides, and wildlife managers. Jobs in city parks are also quite different than those you may find in rural areas or even within state and national parks.

This book is going to help you learn about the topic in-depth with easy language and relevant examples and pictures so that you can learn about the topic you love without any glitch and pursue a career in that field.