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Pomegranate cultivation today is a highly lucrative and remunerative agriculture business in most part of the world. The alluring monetary return per unit area from this crop has resulted in steady increase in area, production and export of pomegranate during last two decades. It is widely cultivated throughout India, Iran, China, Turkey, USA, Spain, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, the Middle East, Pakistan, Tunisia, Israel, dry regions of Southeast Asia, Peninsular Malaysia, the East Indies and tropical Africa. The wonderful variety of Pomegranate is known for its sweet taste, plentiful juice and health benefits that may help with Heart disease, Cancer and problem associated with Aging. Pomegranate is the fruit available throughout the year due to its increasing production. In the recently years farmers turned towards pomegranate production due to its high returns. It results in to the production of pomegranate increased greatly due to which the farmers are suffering so this text tried to analyze the problems faced by farmers during marketing phase. It is also important to provide marketing facilities to the farmers so as to improve the present conditions in the pomegranate marketing and provide better returns to the farmers.

Pomegranate Production and Marketingdelivers state-of-the-art scientific and practical information about sustainable production, storage, processing, and marketing of pomegranate. It deliberates the simple and practical processing and storage techniques for the extending of shelf life of fresh squeezed 100% natural pomegranate juice while still retaining its safety and nutritional quality.

Its versatile adaptability to a wide range of climatic conditions, hardy nature, low water requirement, good response to high tech-horticultural practices high yield, returns on investment higher than many crops of dry regions, magical therapeutic values and increasing demand for table and processed products in addition to high export potential has made pomegranate a popular fruit of tropical and subtropical regions in recent periods. Though, complete know how of the crop is necessary in order to reap maximum benefits.