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Amino acid biochemistry in plants has been a major topic research. There are many aspects of amino acid metabolism in plants that has to be understood. The biosynthesis and metabolic regulation of synthesis, of several protein amino acid still pose questions such as histidine synthesis, the regulation of methionine synthesis and proline metabolism which is dealt with in a limited way. Amino acid derived secondary metabolites are still rich field of biochemists and recent progress in understanding metabolisms is encouraging. Plants convert inorganic nitrogen into amino acids, the building blocks for proteins. They also make a wide range of other nitrogen compounds to help protect themselves from pests and diseases. An understanding of these compounds can therefore help in devising better crop protection and production methods. This volume contains essays by scientists who have studied aspects of plant nitrogen nutrition and amino acid biosynthesis. There are chapters on protein amino acids, nonprotein amino acids, betaines, glutathione, polyamines, and other secondary metabolites derived from amino acids. The results of these studies will be of interest to students and professionals in biochemistry and botany.