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Vegetable crop production is vital to human health and should be of interest to everyone. The study of vegetable crops is a fundamental discipline because it deals with the needs of mankind rather than our wants. Each one of us cats vegetables, lots of them, to stay healthy. According to the World Health Organization, the average adult has an annual per capita vegetable consumption estimated to be 102 kg (240 lb). There is growing awareness that the way we grow vegetables has a profound effect not only on our health but also our environment. As the average person in developed countries becomes more and more detached from vegetable production, misconceptions grow about the safety and sustainability of production practices. One of the goals of this book is to provide a scientifically based discussion of some of the current and traditional issues surrounding vegetable production, handling and consumption. Hopefully, this book will educate students about how vegetables are actually produced as well as offer ideas and stimulate thinking to improve future practices.