Today, an important issue is environmental pollution. Due to pollutants present in environment, human health with animal health and vegetation may suffer. Pollution is releasing unsafe contaminants in to the environment causing volatility and harm to the ecosystem. Pollution is defined as “a redundant change in the environment which includes the physical, biological and chemical changes including air, water and land which influence the human life in one way or the other”. Pollution is in any form like noise, water and air. Pollution has become a serious issue after World War II in developing countries due to rapid industrialization and lack of regulations. Pollution is the root cause of many diseases that kill and disable living organisms. The enhanced pace of developmental activities and rapid urbanization have resulted in stress on natural resources and quality of life. The trend of increasing pollution in various environmental media is evident from the deteriorating air and water quality, higher noise levels, increasing vehicular emission etc. During the year, action has been initiated to evolve model environmental statements in various sectors for facilitating comparison in use of raw material, water conservation, energy consumption etc.

This volume entitled ‘Pollution’ focuses on the aspects of environmental pollution and its influence of on human health and vegetation and how this impact can be assessed and controlled. The guide provides objectives, policy, responsibilities, and technical standards and requirements under which the department plans to manage the various environmental programs to achieve compliance with applicable pollution control standard. This book also fulfills the need on the latest concepts of environmental pollution and provides comprehensive information on all relevant components relating to pollution issues in urban areas and industries. The book is suitable for a variety of students and researchers who wish to follow application of the theory in practice in environmental pollution. The book emphasizes an insightful of the connection between sources and control of environmental pollution, rather than being a straightforward guide on the subject.