Global Warming has become the most intricate issue being faced by world leaders. Research into the temporary slowdown in the global average surface temperature warming trend seen between 1998 and 2013 attributes the phenomenon to Earth’s ocean absorbing the planet’s extra heat. While focusing on some critical points such as decreasing global warming and ambient pollution, better utilization of renewable energy resources, energy management and improvement of power systems operation becomes the field of attention for many modern societies, power and energy engineers, academics, researchers and stakeholders everywhere are pondering the problems of depletion of fossil fuel resources, poor energy efficiency and environmental pollution. Energy management systems and power system optimizers accompanied by integration of renewable energy resources and adoption of PHEVs which form a whole Smart Micro-Grid vision, are parts of an integrated approach to mitigate global warming and have the capability of serving as a basic tool to reach energy independence and climate change objectives.

This Book ‘Global Warming Trends’ presents the state-of-the-science fundamentals on the origin of Global Warming and other related technologies that can be implemented to reduce human impact as well as to present novel policies that world leader should adopt. Chapters are contributed by various authors in order to endeavor an appropriate balance between breadth and depth of coverage of a variety of topics. This book will be of interest to modern societies, power and energy engineers, academicians, researchers and stakeholders as a whole to help to stop the impact of climate change.