In this age of environmental apprehension individuals are outwardly interested in the healthy state of their surroundings. As populations augment and we become more associated with our environment and each other through global communication, commerce and transportation that interest also augmenting. Our desire for a clean environment represents a powerful sense of destiny and hope for the future. Environmental protection is an action or activity (which involves the use of equipment, labour, manufacturing techniques and practices, information networks or products) where the main purpose is to collect, treat, reduce, prevent, or eliminate pollutants and pollution or any other degradation of the environment resulting from the operating activity of the organization. The environmental concern of late has been the extent to which human interaction with natural systems is depleting life-sustaining resources. In the past three decades, protecting the global environment has emerged as one of the major challenges in international relations. No fewer than ten global environmental treaties have been negotiated as well as literally hundreds of regional and bilateral agreements. As the principal user of nature, humanity is accountable for ensuring that its environmental impacts are compassionate rather than catastrophic.

This book ‘Cleaning Up the Environment’ highlights the efforts being made to prevent, reduce and eliminate pollution resulting from the production or consumption of goods and services. It discusses different methods of cleaning up pollution and hazardous waste, including oxidation, excavation, and the use of microbes and plants. It offers research and opinions on use and conservation of natural resources, protection of habitats and control of hazards, spanning the field of environmental management without regard to traditional disciplinary boundaries. It also provides the information, how vary the environmental protection expenditure over the years and what are the trends in specific domains of environmental protection.