This book is an immense knowledge of physiotherapy and its branches. It mentions all the details about physiotherapy; it uses benefits and importance.

Physiotherapy is about dealing with the body more approach fully and tactfully. As today’s lifestyle is very hectic and busy due to which people have very few or no time for health due to which the injuries to the body are more painful and not easily recovered.

Physiotherapy is about recovering from those injuries with a more natural approach. This book deals with various body parts, their movement, postures, positions, and health.

This book also mentions the importance of exercise in our daily lives. It tells how it is very important to take care of fitness. This book gives you an introduction to all the exercises and yoga asana, which helps in strengthening and stretching of the body. These days physiotherapy is not only about exercising, but it also has various faces like aromatherapy cupping and their benefits.


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