This book provides a thorough knowledge in understanding the methodologies implemented since the shaping of our existence and as civilization took a more informative and capable state where people who represent the various nations around the world individually and as well as in coalition develop policies for the greater good of the mankind so that their quality of life is safeguarded and improved.

Embark on this informative journey which will take you with time and reveal to you the ways and techniques used by our forefathers and extensive politicians and other significant people who formulated and developed various health policies for the benefit of the mankind so that a person is safeguarded in times of need such as sickness or diseases.

You will learn about the several aspects and formulations that were introduced and also duly modified over time while encountering new horizons and milestones which challenged the regulations and pushed the leaders to modify them for the greater good. There will be explorations where you will understand the methodology and functioning of the health policies, especially health insurance policies so that you can develop a clear and sound concept in the field of health policy as you would gain knowledge from the beginning to the recent formulations in this field.


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