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This book is about Nutrition and Dietetics. This book is written for undergraduate students of nutrition, but it is also important for all those who need basic training and an introductory course in nutrition and dietetics. Health‐conscious people with or without a background in science can gain an insight into this interesting subject related to our daily life. This book gives a clear picture of food groups and their functions, cooking methods, milk, pulses, vitamin and minerals, nuts and oilseeds, flesh and meat, egg, water, spices, condiments, sweets, and so on. This book gives a bird’s eye view on their importance, effects, deficiency, and their role in the cookery. It is a great handbook for those who are interested in nutrition and dietetics.

Chapters on applied nutrition, diet surveys, anthropometric measurements, and food contamination have been added for the benefit of students of extension courses. The tables of recommended dietary intake for various groups will be useful to dieticians and food counselors. This book is written keeping socioeconomic and health conditions in India and developing countries in perspective. Cheap and nourishing food substitutes and novel foods developed through nutrition research have also been listed. The role of nutrition in health and the fundamental principles of nutrition are explained with a view to their application to individuals in all age groups and health conditions.


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