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The business environment is becoming more technologically focused. In these days, business processes rely heavily on information systems within industries. Complexity and the increasing numbers of information systems vigor corporations to establish processes to perform business functions on information systems and operate in a more controlled environment. Information systems have become the backbone of most organizations. Banks could not process payments, governments could not collect taxes, hospitals could not treat patients, and supermarkets could not stock their shelves without the support of information systems. In almost every sector—education, finance, government, health care, manufacturing, and businesses large and small—information systems play a prominent role. Every day work, communication, information gathering, and decision making all rely on information technology. New technologies and tools are designed, implemented and presented in the market on a daily bases. User needs change dramatically fast and the IT industry copes to reach the level of efficiency and adaptability for its systems in order to be competitive and up-to-date. Thus, the realization of information systems with great characteristics and functionalities implemented for specific areas of interest is a fact of our modern and demanding digital society and this is the core scope of this book.

Information Systems Development examines new research and development at the interface of information systems (IS) and information technology (IT) from analytical, behavioral, and technological perspectives. It provides innovative trends and developments for both industrial developments as well as pioneering academic research.

Providing theory and practical cases of information systems, this book will serve as valuable guide to academics and practitioners; it portrays a critical view of technology, development, implementation, strategy, management and policy issues. It can also assist students in capturing the new research tendencies of the information systems’ development.