Today, e-commerce is one of the important issues in business. E-commerce improves communication and open economy at national and international level, changing business method and changing traditional markets to its new forms. Social media has been used as an important tool by firms to influence consumers’ attitude and behavior. Social media marketing employed social networking sites to promote products and services via the internet. Social media sites are useful for building business networks, and for exchanging ideas. As such, social media have dramatically altered how people interact with one another and firms. Social media are now indispensable to the survival of marketing operations. Social media have changed the basic rules of interaction, making one way communication old fashioned. People are now able to communicate with their peers all over the world on a 24/7 bases in the digital space, where a plethora of new tools enable real-time and user communication. At the same time, social media have enabled new communication channels for companies and allow them to reach current and potential customers, distribute their content, promote their product, monitor their brands and reputation as well as improve client retention and acquisition practices. Social media marketing is now used by organizations to take advantage of opportunities that online customers present.

Social Media Marketing attempts to coverage latest trends and innovations about the ideas of social media and social media promotion and other aspects like the development and advantages, aspect and importance of social media in promotion, social media promotion strategies. This covers studies that explore the significance of social media marketing platforms and how its adoption can help marketers to enhance their level of business success. It is aimed to evaluate the effect of social media marketing on online shopping of customers based on mediating role of value capital, relational capital and brand capital by path analysis method. This book also discusses potential issues especially issues related to security and privacy of individuals, employees, infrastructure and data that impede successful implementation of social media for business and marketing.