Cloud Computing offers digital infrastructure and services over the Internet. Internet use has increased quite steadily in the last few years, increasing the cost of hardware and software. Cloud computing has been doing for the better part of a decade, but we still need to see an efficient, robust security policy in place. As a result, the new technology known as cloud computing used to solve these problems by providing service as users demand over the Internet and undoubtedly lowering the cost of hardware and software services provided in cloud computing has various features such as high scalability, efficiency, flexibility, and dynamic properties. The security problem of cloud computing is very critical and may prevent the rapid growth of cloud computing.

This book discusses several cloud computing solutions and analyzes cloud computing security issues and techniques based on cloud computing principles and characters. Security and availability of resources in cloud computing are main security issues. The Single Security Approach cannot solve the cloud computing security problem and many conventional and modern techniques and approaches must be used together to secure the overall cloud computing environment. Achieving cloud protection is not a simple issue to address. Developing and applying good security controls in the cloud are necessary criteria if this is to succeed. The very design of cloud computing will add additional cloud security problem layers to an already complex problem area. The literature in this book explores why this is a problem, examines what the desirable characteristics should be, and suggests a novel means of achieving these objectives effectively and efficiently through the use of well-designed systems.


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