“Environmental Biology” is often considered to be synonymous with “ecology.” Ecological studies thus concentrate on how individual species interact with their environment or how ecological communities or populations interact with their environment. Human activities have posed serious issues related to the environment and its conservation in recent decades. Air pollution, inadequate waste management, growing water scarcity, dropping groundwater levels, water pollution, forest protection and quality, loss of biodiversity and land/soil degradation, global climate change, deforestation, environmental degradation, depletion of resources and genetically modified food are the current environmental problems that make us vulnerable to disasters and tragedies. Current high levels of rising cause a precipitous decline in the biodiversity of the planet in the next century. Biodiversity loss will include some species that we know today. Although it is often difficult to predict which species will be extinguished, many are listed as endangered. Humans have experienced poor environmental conditions throughout history, but what we think of as environmental problems have become more prevalent and noticeable with industrialization and urbanization.

This book provides clear knowledge of updated methods and on the latest developments in the field of environmental biology. The book is intended for students to gain basic knowledge and understanding of fundamental ecological values, environmental monitoring processes, current environmental problems and potential solutions to these issues. Environmental biologists research specific regional ecosystems, as well as the species and animals that occupy these areas. Such specialists assist in the conservation and preservation of wildlife within any given ecosystem and assess the impact of human activity on the environment. Starting with an environmental theme, incorporating and improving key basic knowledge as the text progresses, encouraging students to apply their cumulative learning to find solutions. While stressing the environmental theme, the book presents all aspects of the biology discipline, including evolution, ecology, conservation and restoration.


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