In digital signal processing the underlying abstract representation is always the set of natural numbers regardless of the signal’s origins; as a consequence, the physical nature of the processing device will also always remain the same, that is, a general digital processor. The extraordinary power and success of digital signal processing derives from the inherent universality of its associated “world view”.

With the rapid growth of global broadband and mobile data traffic, high transmission capacity and high spectral efficiency are highly desirable. Fortunately, recent advances in multilevel modulation formats, coherent detection, and digital signal processing have led to tremendous increase in transmission capacity and spectral efficiency. Beyond great progress in high-speed signal transmission, processing multilevel modulation formats in the optical domain could be another interesting topic compatible with superior network performance and advanced data management.

This book highlights current research in the digital signal processing area such as communication engineering, image processing and power conversion system. This important work fills the gap in the field, delivering computer professionals with a comprehensive introduction to those aspects of DSP essential for working on today’s cutting-edge applications in speech compression and recognition and modem design. The book provides simple examples, explanations, and real world cases for each presented transform, method, algorithm or approach. This book covers contributions of several researchers as well as to practitioners and researchers around the nations covering the field of digital signal processing. The main objectives are to enhance the readers’ understanding of the theory taught in class, provide experience with DSP implementation issues, and to increase their interest and participation in a wide variety of fields. Since the world has progressively decided to go digital using DSP, there has been a high demand for DSP-trained professionals. Specific industries and applications that have experienced an increasing demand include: automobiles, digital and wireless communications, digital control systems, imaging and video, medical diagnostics, and data acquisition.