Basic engineering circuit analysis is a process through which engineers are able to set up electrical models and are able to express physical situations in terms of mathematical relations. It would be absolutely absurd and a dangerous idea for anybody thinking of going for a deep sea exploration without first learning how to swim. The same is true in the field of electrical engineering and electronics. Without a thorough knowledge of the basics, success in the relevant fields may be quite farfetched. In an electrical circuit the process of studying and analyzing the various electrical quantities involved, especially the nodal voltages and currents through calculations, is known as circuit analysis.

In this book we will go through a detailed study of a few circuit configurations and try to solve the problems involved in these elementary electrical circuits through illustrative examples. Circuit analysis is the fundamental gateway for computer and electrical engineering majors. Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis has long been regarded as the most dependable book. Circuit analysis remains the starting point for many future engineers who wish to work in this field.