Electrical machine is a device that can convert either mechanical energy to electrical energy (generator) or electrical energy to mechanical energy (motor). Since any given electrical machine can convert power in either direction, any machine can be used as either a generator or a motor. The electric machines (EMs) for high-performance electrical power-generation systems (EPGSs) play a significant role, such as in the modern aerospace and military industries. Electrical drives play an important role as electromechanical energy converters a wide range of applications, for example machine tools in manufacturing industries, photocopies, CD player, electric windows in the car, prosthetic hands and other medical devices; some are obvious other not so, until the they fail. It is critically important that the correct drive is matched to the application with due regard to its requirements. With the recent developments in power semiconductors and microprocessors with signal processing capabilities, the technology of the modern drive system has changed dramatically in recent years.

Electric Machines And Power Systems brings together innovative trends and practices related to the broad field of electromechanics, electric machines, and power systems. It illustrates the induced enormous energy saving potential, by using high-efficiency motors. Furthermore, the most important barriers to larger high-efficiency motors utilization are identified, and some incentives recommendations are given to overcome identified impediments. The subject offers a practical approach to electric machines, featuring explanations of fundamental principles, examples of real-world applications, and attention to the fine details of design and operation. It also focuses on modern control methods of induction-machine drives, such as vector and direct torque control. The book also addresses sensorless control techniques, modulation strategies, parameter identification, artificial intelligence, operation under harsh or failure conditions, and modelling of electric or magnetic quantities in electric machines.