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A number of occurrences have taken place over the past decade since the rise of the new millennium; we have seen and are seeing the rise of popular movements all over the world and a resistance to the forces of imperialism, capitalism and subjugation, from the demonstrations that helped bring progressive governments to power in Latin America, to the Arab Spring, to Occupy movements in the United States and Europe, to democracy protests in China. While not all movements are pushing for the elimination of the state, or are even anarchistic in nature, they are rebelling against the current societal structures and creating an opportunity for radical change. What we are seeing around the world is a global resistance that, in some cases, has anarchist undercurrents. We are witnessing the new politics of the 21st century. Signs abound that the world is witnessing a time of major transitions. Although great uncertainty persists about the direction in which change will go, conflict has mounted in recent years over the future trajectory of the world political and economic system. Transnational corporations, wealthy states, and other influential elites generally support the existing global capitalist order. In the middle of the 1990s celebrations of globalization was a growing rumble of discontent over the effects of global economic integration on the poorer countries of the world and on working people in the rich countries that were championing economic globalization.

The New Global Politics: Global Social Movements in the Twenty-First Century examines the current status, nature and dynamics of the new politics that distinguish social movements from around the world that are part of this revolutionary wave. Global social movements have always shadowed states and other powerful actors in the world political economy, but eventually they have become more formally organized and more connected globally. Looking at new behaviors of thinking and new methods of challenging power, this comprehensive Book will be of great interest to researchers and scholars in the fields of globalization, social movements and international politics.