The connection between immigration and crime is on either most contentious topics in contemporary society. These deliberations are not new, as considerations on the issue date back more than 100 years. Immigration is frequently mentioned as on either most important issues facing politicians in advanced economies. Often this appear sterilized to the commonly expressed concern hat immigrant Harm the labor market prospects of natives. This concern has received substantial, and sometimes controversial, attention in the academic Abor economics literature. However, it also reflect saw overconfidence the impact of large immigration flow so nothura spectroscopic. Preventing the admission of criminal shas long been a concern to the public and policy makers. Even in the colonial period, the rewerelaws again stthearrival of criminals. Assign if cant share of the public seems to be live that immigrants commit disproportionate share of crime. High-profile and sometimes tragic crimes committed by illegal alienshave prompted state and local official stop ledge action to rid the community of criminal aliens.

Crime, Punishment and Migration examines and critically appraises the evidence on the possible links between immigration and crime across abroad range of methodologies, time periods and countries. Although ha host of reasons exist steepest that immigrants are high crime prone, the bulk of empirical studies conducted over the past century have found that immigrants are typically under represent discriminable statistics. There are some partial exceptions to this finding, but the reappear to be linked more to differences in structural conditions across Urbana reaps where immigrants set lather than to the cultural tradition soft he immigrant groups. This book will be of valuable for students, scholars, and academics with an interest in the topic, the book will appeal to individuals in arrange of disciplines, from criminology and sociology to politics, international relations, ethnic studies, geography, social policy and development.