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Democracy has flourished across the world since the medieval times. In essence, democracy is the very air we breathe – it is a political system that safe-guards are values, though we often take it for granted. Democracy as we know it today has arisen out of a range of political movements over the past millennia. It is born from revolution, rebellion, scientific discovery and shifting philosophical belief. Its cultural influences, however, can be traced back to the Roman era. Before it became the Roman Empire, the Roman people had existed under a republic, embracing a lot of the characteristics that we recognize in today’s democracy. Its senate was determined by the people. It can also be identified as far back as Ancient Greece. Democracy has come to mean a lot of different things to different people. Some say that the citizens have certain rights that no one can take from them and some say that the majority rule in a democracy. Still, some take Democracy in a different fashion. It seems that the politicians have distorted our basic freedoms, our rights and our values as humans and transferred this power to the elite of the world. By manipulating the facts, issues, history and our thoughts, the agenda of the elite gets accomplished by our democracy.

Democracy in Decline: Rebuilding its Future examines the failure of modern elected representatives to perform their constitutionally mandated duty. This Book is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand the latest thinking on one of the most critical questions of our era. It has become one of the cornerstone characteristics of the ‘free world’, often synonymously associated with the concept of a civilized nation. In this way, it opposes the political systems which existed during the middle ages, namely monarchical government and the feudal system. Under these systems the common people lived a life of subservience under the ruler of the land, often someone of aristocratic blood who was born into power and wealth.

This monograph is apposite for students and scholars in the field of Political Science, Politics, Political Marketing and Critical Management/Sociology.